The Yarra River Story

The Yarra River has had a colourful history as the flowing heart of Melbourne. But how well do we really know the river that is so familiar? What does the river mean to the Aboriginal people? What is the Yarra like beyond Melbourne’s suburbs? Come on a Private guided tour of some of the highlights of the Yarra River for a fresh perspective and to learn why it is still so important to our city and why it needs to be protected.

Get a Fresh Perspective

For most people it’s easy to take the Yarra River for granted. But get beyond the city and suburbs to see what life is like for the river nearer to its source.

Meet the Residents

It’s not only us humans who live along the Yarra River. You may be surprised by who you meet on our tour. There’s no guarantee, but you never know who is hanging around.

Walk in the shadows of giants

We’re fortunate to have some of the world’s most fascinating trees and plants in our part of the world. Visiting and appreciating them is an ideal way to reconnect with nature.

Brush up on your History

The Yarra River has some fascinating and often overlooked history. You may be surprised by what you learn on our tour.