About Us

We are a little business that wants to spread the word and encourage conversation about conservation. We purchased our ‘big red car’ and started conducting our private, small group tours at the start of 2020.Yes, our timing was somewhat imperfect as it turns out. Based as we are in Melbourne, our business had a rocky start. Our early tours and bookings were affected by the bushfires that affected much of South East Australia. And then came COVID-19 of course. It has been a tough time for us and everyone else in the Tourism industry throughout the world. Our thoughts are with all Tour Guides around the world who have been greatly affected by COVID-19.

Our focus and priorities have shifted due to COVID, but we look forward to resuming what we commenced at the start of 2020 whenever we are able to do so in the future. Until then, our priority has shifted to the online world. We hope that you enjoy the blog posts and comment with your thoughts and own knowledge. And the shift to online has also meant that our tours have become Virtual Tours. We want to continue meeting wonderful people from all over the world while we share our experience and knowledge.

Graham was born in the middle of Melbourne, but loves to get away from the city to enjoy the wonderful nature that we are lucky to have in the state of Victoria. He values the opportunity to share his love of nature with people from all over the world to learn about our unique flora and fauna. Graham is accredited by Tour Guides Australia and is First Aid certified. He has worked as a Tour Guide and Environmental Educator for several years and he has a Diploma of Conservation among his qualifications. Graham is a shameless ‘bird nerd’.

Originally from the UK, Laura has developed wonderful knowledge of Melbourne’s restaurant and café scene, as well as picking up some birding knowledge along the way! She is able to spot a New Holland Honeyeater at 20 paces in addition to advising you on a great place to try a ‘magic’ coffee in the Melbourne CBD and surrounds. She lends her administration and technical skills having a hands-on role in supporting the delivery of the online presentation series.

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