Our Tours

Let us help you ‘get out of town’.

Join us to be welcomed by big skies and open spaces.

No matter which direction we head out from Melbourne there’s enough natural wonder to amaze everyone. Our diverse state offers famous coastlines, ancient rainforests, alpine ranges and even arid desert plains. Our tours focus on being around nature and supporting conservation and fellow small businesses where we can.

Bird Watching Tours

Our state of Victoria is an amazing place for birdwatching. Whether you’re new or trying to find an elusive species we can take you on a pre-determined tour route or a look at a site or region that you are interested in visiting. A day of birdwatching can give you memories or photos that you won’t forget.

Tailored Tours

If there is somewhere that you would love to visit or something that you would love to experience please contact us. We’re happy to work with you to put together an itinerary for either a day tour or multi-day tour. Birds and wildlife experiences, silo-art, food and wine are just some of the ideas we work with.

The Yarra River Story

For those of us in Melbourne we may think that we know the Yarra, the core of our city. Look beyond Princes Bridge and the many suburbs that the river flows through and you will find a very different Yarra. Wildlife, fascinating stories and spectacular views are waiting to be discovered.

Bringing Back the Bush:

This multi-day tour around the Grampians region is a special experience for those who love nature and conservation. This tour not only takes in wildlife, endemic plants and wonderful scenery, but it celebrates the landowners and locals who are having a positive impact on the region.