Western Wander Birdwatching Tour

Melbourne’s west hosts a great variety of habitats that host a diverse range of bird species throughout the year’s different seasons. The tour will vary in itinerary and locations throughout the year due to factors such as seasonality, migration and mating periods, but there is always some amazing bird life to be found in and around Melbourne, regardless of the time of the year.

The Western shoreline of Port Phillip Bay is a seasonal home for migratory shorebirds in warmer months. It’s quite the experience to see these birds that have travel thousands of kilometres to ‘holiday’ here. Some of the same beaches can be a great place to see Australasian Gannets – and possibly Little Penguins – during Winter.

The cooler months of the year sees a burst of colour from the birding world. Australian ‘robins’ may be small, but their bright tones make them a welcome sight against amongst the prevailing darker shades of Autumn and Winter. These vibrant birds can be found in majestic River Red Gum woodlands.

A good network of creeks and wetlands also provides habitat for a good variety of waterbirds such as varieties of ducks, crakes and rails.

While we may all be familiar with the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Greater Melbourne has a wonderful selection of raptors and birds of prey. These birds can make a dramatic entrance to the birding site and can often provoke a reaction from the other resident birds – great to watch or photograph!

Other possible wildlife sightings through these areas may include Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Swamp Wallabies and a selection of reptiles in the warmer months.

Melbourne’s western suburbs are where many people – including Wild Ramblings – become captivated by Melbourne’s diverse birdlife. Please contact using the form below or phone directly to book a tour or make an enquiry.

Cost per tour:

$500 for 6 people
$450 for 5 people
$400 for 4 people

Please contact for groups larger or smaller than those listed above.

Tour Duration:

Approximately 10 hours between pick-up and return


  • Pick-up and drop-off from/to your place of residence
  • Use of binoculars and a library of field guide books
  • Any relevant Parks Victoria fees
  • Citylink/Eastlink tolls
  • Drinking Water


  • Meals