About Us

Graham and Laura

Graham was born in the middle of Melbourne, but loves to get away from the city to enjoy the wonderful nature that we are lucky to have in the state of Victoria. He values the opportunity to share his love of nature and take people from all over the world to learn about our unique flora and fauna. Graham is accredited by the Professional Tour Guide Association of Australia and is First Aid certified. He has worked as a Tour Guide and Environmental Educator for several years and he has a Diploma of Conservation among his qualifications.

Originally from the UK, Laura has developed wonderful knowledge of Melbourne’s restaurant and café scene, as well as picking up some birding knowledge along the way! She is able to spot a New Holland Honeyeater at 20 paces in addition to advising you on a great place to try a ‘magic’ coffee in the Melbourne CBD and surrounds. She lends her administration and technical skills having a hands-on role in supporting the delivery of the online presentation series.

Our Guests are our Priority

It’s important to us to make sure that you have a memorable experience. And it’s also important to make sure that your tour is in comfort and at a relaxed pace. Our vehicle was purchased with our guests comfort in mind. We also prefer to spend quality time at fewer stops, rather than a fast-paced photo-stop tour.

We pick the road less traveled

Rather than offer a selection of popular tours we prefer to promote less populated regions and locations. Victoria is so much more than what many people have become comfortable with. If we are going to visit a popularly toured region then we will do our best to come up with a fresh version of it.

Conservation and Sustainability

We see these words as much more than buzzwords. We are committed to working with individuals and organisations whose values are aligned with our own. Where we can, we select cafes, accommodation and attractions who also believe in supporting conservation projects and use sustainable practices.

Our tours are designed to be accessible

If you want a guide that will take you on a multi-day hike along The Great Dividing Range then we may not be for you. But we can certainly recommend some guides who could help you with that if you’d like. We are for you if you want to explore Victoria at a pace where you can appreciate and connect with nature.