Meet the Locals

When it comes to Australia’s wildlife it seems that Kangaroos and Koalas get the bulk of the world’s attention in the cute and cuddly category. Some of our reptiles such as Saltwater Crocodiles and our varied snake species tend to evoke some strong reactions of being anything other than cute or cuddly. But our country has many more species than Kangaroos and Koalas.

Australia’s birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs are estimated to total 2470 species. Given that Australia evolved in isolation for much of the last 65 million years, our country has many unique fauna species. Most of them are cute in their own right and they all deserve to be known about; it’s easier to save species while we know about their existence and what they need to survive. They all deserve to live, regardless of how cute they may or may not be!

In this series we will showcase some of the lesser known Australians, talking about where they live, what they eat and how they are coping in modern Australia.

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