Meet the Ferals

It’s a sad realisation that here in Australia we have so many feral – or introduced – species of animals for me to confidently commit to a long series of posts on the topic. Some of these animals are obvious and well-known such as mammals like foxes, rabbits, rats and mice. And of course there are the Cane Toads amongst the famous ecological villains. But many introduced species are not so famous, yet cause plenty of damage to our ecology and agriculture in their own right.

These introduced animals have arrived here in a variety of ways. Sometimes they were literally introduced by colonial settlers and sometimes they have found their way here by other means. Sometimes we are challenged by what is or isn’t considered introduced. And sometimes animals that we may consider native has been introduced to where it previously hasn’t existed within the country.

Sadly Australia is a fascinating case study on the impact of introduced species. I hope that you find this series interesting in the weeks, months and years ahead.

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