• Bringing back the Bush: Part 1

    To acknowledge the 5th of June as World Environment Day we’re publishing a series of articles celebrating some amazing conservation work in Victoria’s Grampians region.

One of our favourite subjects has limitless points of discussion, so it’s certainly worth turning it into a series. Even the most unlikely people can become fascinated – or obsessed – with the world of birds.

Have you ever noticed when you wander around a zoo or botanic garden that the animal or plant you’re looking at has two names? You may see a sign telling you that you’re standing underneath the canopy of a River Red Gum tree, but the same sign also tells you that you’re also standing under a Eucalyptus camaldulensis. If your curiosity goes beyond how beautiful the tree is it may prompt you… Read More

When it comes to Australia’s wildlife it seems that Kangaroos and Koalas get the bulk of the world’s attention in the cute and cuddly category. Some of our reptiles such as Saltwater Crocodiles and our varied snake species tend to evoke some strong reactions of being anything other than cute or cuddly. But our country has many more species than Kangaroos and Koalas. Australia’s birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs are estimated to… Read More

It’s a sad realisation that here in Australia we have so many feral – or introduced – species of animals for me to confidently commit to a long series of posts on the topic. Some of these animals are obvious and well-known such as mammals like foxes, rabbits, rats and mice. And of course there are the Cane Toads amongst the famous ecological villains. But many introduced species are not so famous,… Read More